Cool Specialist School Lockers

With schoolchildren carrying all manner of equipment into schools nowadays, such as laptops, mobile phones and MP3 players, it is more important than ever for schools to provide safe and secure specialist school lockers for students to protect their personal possessions, school books and stationery.

We can provide specialist school lockers which are secure and stylish, but will not break your budget. We can also provide staff lockers, such as post lockers, which are ideal for the safe and secure storage of personal and professional staff internal mail. Our classic single door lockers can be used as staff lockers or specialist school lockers, and they feature a great locking system, are available in various colours and are excellent value for money.

Two tier lockers, however, are perhaps better suited for usage by pupils as their two internal compartments allow for the separation, for example, of academic and sports materials and equipment.

Many children and teachers also use bikes to travel to school, and with this in mind we have an amazing range of bike lockers which keep bikes safe from thieves and vandals for the duration of the school day. Furthermore, as education is now rightly inclusive it is important for any school to consider the needs of disabled pupils and staff members and we offer a great range of specially adapted lockers for use by anyone suffering from a disability.

Personal effects lockers can be used for the storage of children’s personal items during PE or even to store confiscated items until the end of the school day. All in all, we are confident that we can provide comprehensive and versatile storage solutions to meet any school’s needs.

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