Premium Police Lockers

Police work requires specialist storage of equipment and kit, and 3D Lockers is the first and best place to look for perfect police lockers and superb storage lockers especially designed for law enforcement usage.

Our clean and dirty police lockers are perfect for quick clothing changes in dirty and dangerous environments, and their separate compartments keep clean and dirty kit separate at all times, whilst also including a vital extra compartment for headgear such as riot helmets, regulation caps and traditional police hats.

Our two person storage lockers are ideal space savers and still allow for a great capacity of storage for each person. Each door also locks completely separately so that those who share lockers can be assured of complete privacy and security for all of their essential kit.

Police Crew lockers have a large capacity, which allows best online casino for the storage of specialist kit boxes and toolboxes as well as clothing such as heavy jackets, PPE and safety equipment, as well as a top shelf for items such as hats, ties and headgear.

For cycle police we also stock a superb range of cycle lockers which are completely secure, and for staff rooms and internal offices, we also have a great range of personal effects lockers for those who do not want to take personal items such as jewellery or documentation with them on their shifts.

The Probe Police High Capacity is the flagship product of our police lockers range, and can easily store every item of clothing and equipment that any police officer uses in their operational capacity safely and securely.

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