Installing or Replacing Leisure Lockers

The gym is an environment where leisure lockers are essential and although they are behind the scenes, clean, modern, and well-kept changing rooms are important for your image and reputation as a gym. You may be opening a whole new gym or simply seeking to replace your existing leisure lockers with new ones. Whether you want to provide users of your gym with a small space ideal for their essentials or a more extensive storage solution, with hanging space for their clothes, 3D Lockers can help.

At the gym in particular, leisure lockers are essential, providing a place for your customers to store valuables whilst they work out. If they have come from work, they will have to store their work clothes and shoes, along with essentials such as mobile phones, wallets, and purses.

We offer a huge range of leisure lockers, in a variety of colours, sizes, and materials, including metal, plastic, and wood-effect lockers. With leisure lockers available for dry and wet changing rooms in full length to many-tiered alternatives, you can buy the most appropriate style of storage for your environment.

In addition to this huge range of storage lockers, we also provide benches and more, allowing you to put together a more complete changing room, catering for the needs of your gym users. We have over twenty years of experience providing storage solutions, allowing us to advise you on the best leisure lockers for different scenarios, such as trying to re-fit or re-design your gym changing rooms.