Sourcing the Perfect School Storage Lockers

Space might always have been tight in your school, but given the difficult economic conditions affecting local governments, you might be under even more pressure to squeeze optimum usage out of every square inch of your premises.

As part of this, you may need to source school storage lockers that perfectly meet your practical requirements in terms of size and functionality.

Shrinking schools

You’re certainly not alone in having to be resourceful in your use of space. According to blueprints unveiled by the government, new educational premises are to be around 15 per cent smaller than those built under the previous administration’s Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme.   Under the terms of proposals put forward by the coalition, corridors, canteens, assembly halls and atriums will be reduced in size. The new building criteria will set the template for 261 replacements school buildings that will be constructed over the next five years.

More for less

Commenting on the plans, Peter Lauener, chief executive of the government’s Education Funding Agency responsible for drawing up the ‘baseline designs’, said: “More for less is the theme of what we are trying to do with education,” the Guardian reports.   He added: “We are looking to come out with an average school building cost of under £14 million compared to £21 million under the BSF programme. It is not quite buy one, get one free. It is a three for two proposition.”

Discipline issues

Responding to the changes, the National Union of Teachers warned that narrower corridors could cause discipline issues in busy schools.   Its deputy general secretary Kevin Courtney said: “The spaces outside the classroom are vital to the culture and climate of a school and to have well-ordered corridors is key. In a secondary school, there are potentially 1,000 pupils changing lessons at exactly the same time and, if corridors are narrow, it will lead to them bumping into one another and that could lead to discipline problems.”

The simple way to source excellent lockers

When you’re on the lookout for new school storage lockers, you’ll no doubt want to find the very best and this could be a particularly important issue if your building is cramped.    Here at 3D Lockers we offer an impressive selection of products and should have the perfect solution for you. Our lockers come in a range of styles and designs and they are made to withstand the rigours of abuse from everyday school environments.

Up to you

When it comes to the size of school storage locker you want, you’ll need to think of the space the objects will be situated in. Of course, they must be able to fit within this area and it’s important that they don’t cause an obstruction.    Also, the size of school bags or satchels, as well as coats, books and other personal effects like laptops, needs to be taken into account.


It’s also important that the storage facilities are secure. Our products have a range of lock options, including coin return systems and combination locks or hasp and staple locks for use with padlocks.   To find out more about the school storage lockers for sale, just take a look around the rest of our website.