Schools Out! So Get Those Lockers In!

Its official! Schools and colleges are out for the summer, but that doesn’t mean that all work stops.  In fact now is the time to look at the maintenance and replacement of storage lockers for schools in educational establishments throughout the UK.

3D Lockers Marketing Director Heather Hart comments “You would think that as a major school locker supplier, the school holidays would be a quiet time for us, but in fact the opposite is true.  Many schools remain open throughout the summer and find it an ideal time to get prepared for the new school term.  Whether it’s a simple refurbishment of existing school lockers by replacing doors or keys, or the purchasing of new school lockers for accommodating next year’s students there is no better time.”

Although health and safety procedures in schools advise that staff should monitor equipment on a daily basis and report any school site maintenance issues in a record book, it’s never the less an ideal time once the corridors and classrooms are free from students, for head teachers and school managers to go around and do a visual check of lockers for damage or wear and tear.  “Even though our metal lockers are robust and durable, it’s inevitable that in high user areas such as high schools and academies that there will be some impact damage.” Says Heather of 3D Lockers, “That’s why we offer replacement doors, locks and keys, just to keep everything up to scratch and looking presentable for the new term.”

Locker inspections are also a good time to evaluate if your school corridors and classrooms are free from trip hazards, as well as making sure that all emergency exits are free from obstructions.  Annual fire inspections in schools are carried out as a preventative measure to reduce the likelihood of fires occurring.  The main danger posed by fire is smoke and the obscuring of vision which causes panic to staff and students.  That’s why insuring fire escape routes remain unobstructed at all times and is paramount so evacuation can take place without hindrance.  As well as preventing threat to life it is also important to reduce damage to buildings and therefore restrict a disruption to the education process.

Installing storage lockers in corridors and classrooms insures a tidy and more functional environment.  Students will also benefit from having a secure place to store their books, gym bags and personal items, making their school life well organised along with clutter being minimalized and everything having its place.  This can only contribute to a better learning environment for all.

Studies by Price Water House Cooper “Building Performance: An empirical assessment of the Relationship between schools capital investment and pupil performance” carried out for the Department of Education and Skills UK suggests that in the case of secondary schools it was reported that new facilities in schools excited the interest of pupils.  Inner city heads in particular observed a close correlation between the quality of the facilities and a sense that education is important and that pupils are being valued in the system.

“With over 25 years of experience in the storage solution market place, we at 3D Lockers are pleased to continually supply and improve locker storage facilities for schools in the UK.”

For further information on new locker requirements for schools and colleges please contact us on 01924 240291, by email or visit our website where you can find useful information on school lockers.

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