How to Safely Install Steel Lockers

The installation of steel lockers is not a complicated task, in fact whether the installation is in a school, workplace or a locker changing room environment rules for the installation of lockers remain exactly the same.

“We are often asked if it is feasible for schools to install their own lockers” says 3D Locker Marketing Director Heather.  “For larger school projects I would always recommend installation by one of our fully trained teams who are used to handling and installing steel lockers and adhering to good health and safety practices to minimise risk of injury to themselves or others.  However on smaller projects there is no reason why a competent school caretaker or handyperson would not be able to install our lockers provided due care, diligence and health and safety considerations are taken into account.”

The vast majority of our steel lockers are manufactured in the UK and are made from steel and as such are pre drilled in the manufacturing process to make installation on site easy and straight forward.  Just to make life easy we have come up with our quick guide to stress free installation.

1. Measuring for your lockers

Before you reach for the tape measure, take time to assess each classroom and corridor and decide which areas will benefit from the installation of school lockers.  Once you have decided, note down your measurements so that you can work out how many lockers you can install side by side in a given location.  When siting lockers against a wall, make sure that the presence to skirting boards or central heating pipes will not impede the lockers.  Locker stands can be utilised to avoid any obstructions.

2. Offloading and positioning

Lockers should be offloaded from the delivery vehicle and moved into the desired locations utilising handling equipment such as trolleys or hand trucks to minimise lifting.  The units are often delivered to site shrink wrapped and so should be unwrapped and checked for any damages before being positioned in readiness for installation.

3. Fixing lockers side by side

Due to the narrow height to depth ratio of a steel locker, the units should be wherever possible secured to each other to give stability.  Nested lockers can either be riveted or bolted together.  Two rivets/bolts should be used at the top (front and rear) and two at the base.

4. Fixing lockers back to back and back to a wall

When fixing lockers back to back, you can fix through the pre drilled holes at the top and bottom centre of the rear of the locker.  Wall lockers should be fixed back to the wall as well as side by side by either fixing directly onto walls by utilising the appropriate wall fixing plugs or by using timber battens.  The lockers should then be fixed through the pre drilled holes in the back, top and bottom centre.

5. Disposal of waste packaging

All waste material, spare fixings and the shrink wrap packaging should be removed from the installation area and disposed of in an appropriate manner.

Should you need any further help or guidance with your steel locker installation, then please do not hesitate to contact our sales team for guidance on 01924 240291.

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