6 Great Reasons To Cycle To Work

Millions of pounds worth of investment for cycling schemes across England has been made by the government with a number of cities and national parks to share a huge £94 million cash injection to promote cycling!  The money will be used to improve existing and fund new cycle routes in a bid to get people on their bikes and reap the benefits of cycling.

Government statistics show that in 2012 only 2% of journeys in Britain were made by bike, with people opting to drive, catch the bus or walk.  With all this extra investment to make roads safer it’s time to dust off your helmet and dig out your bicycle!

You will be surprised how many benefits of cycling there are and with this is mind there has never been a better time to start commuting to your place of work by bike.  We have come up with 6 reasons to get cycle ready but first of all employees need to have somewhere safe to leave their bikes while at work.  Make sure your workplace is well equipped with our range of bike stands, cycle shelters and bike racks!  It may be an idea to have a secure and easily accessible cycle shelter sited somewhere on your premises.  These can provide full protection from the elements so your employees can get ready to cycle home under shelter in case the weather is a little miserable!  Weatherproof storage lockers are also a great item to invest in to store helmets and waterproof clothing etc.

  1. Employees who cycle to work are fitter, healthier and happier and are therefore less likely to take sick days.  This will lead to better productivity from your workforce and reduce the rate of absenteeism.
  2. With fewer people travelling to a workplace by car, spaces can be freed up for visitors or delivery vehicles to access your building.  10 bikes can be parked in the space of one car!  You could even use the space to place bike racks for workers to chain their bikes to instead.
  3. Along with getting fitter and healthier, spending more time outside will cheer you up.  Being exposed to daylight more often boosts levels of the feel good hormone serotonin.
  4. The yearly cost of car ownership is just over £5k most of which is fuel costs.  Cycling to work will benefit you financially by cutting down these costs dramatically.
  5. Cycling produces zero pollution so you can sleep well at night knowing you’re doing your bit for the environment.
  6. In major cities, travelling by bike is twice as fast as a car in traffic, not to mention cutting out the dreaded road rage.

Here at 3D Lockers we are embracing the benefits of cycling and with our great range of cycle storage and bike racks we are sure you can be ready for an increase in bikes appearing at your workplace.  From bicycle parking racks to bike shelters we have something to suit your needs.  If you require any help or more information please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Team on 01924 240291, we are happy to help!

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