How Safe is your workplace?

Whether you are working for a large organisation, a small family business, a school, a factory or in an office environment, every employee and non-employee has the right by law to expect that their health and safety and general well being is being properly looked after and that everything is made as safe as possible in the workplace by their management team. After all accidents, illness and trips can result in time off from the workplace and so having a system to identify and control risks is vital.

One way of controlling and identifying risks in the workplace is to have a written health and safety policy.  Doing a risk assessment of the hazards present, deciding who is going to be responsible for implementing safety measures is all part of running and managing a successful business.

The provision of the right equipment for creating a safe workplace environment is also a very important aspect of health and safety.  Whether it’s making sure that your employees have secure office lockers for locking away their handbags and phones and personal items inside work premises or providing bike racks outside to make sure sufficient space is available for bike storage – it’s all about improving facilities which can only have a positive effect on the health and well being of your employees.

There are however certain pieces of equipment necessary for dealing with particular hazards in the workplaces.  COSHH regulations have very strict guidelines in how to manage substances hazardous to health and covers the handling and storage of a range of substances including chemicals, vapors, dust and fumes.

Where to store hazardous substances safely?

Hazardous materials can harm children and adults if you fail to store them safely.  Whether the substance is highly flammable, corrosive or you are storing pesticides and agrochemicals it is well worth investing in the correct type of storage lockers or COSHH cabinets which can help reduce the risk of major accidents.

Here at 3D Lockers we provide a large range of secure hazardous storage cabinets to meet the requirements surrounding the use of these materials.  With features including a strong steel construction, high visibility paint finish to identify easily, base sump to prevent leakage and reinforced doors with stiffeners for further security, we are sure we have the right hazardous storage cabinet for your requirement!

Providing First Aid Cabinets is a must.

Workplace storage cabinets or staff lockers will need to be upgraded or replaced as it’s good housekeeping for business to keep everything in order and ship shape.  Old rusty equipment can effect staff morale, and a company’s reputation as a caring responsible employer is much better to have than not.  Make sure your workplace is fully equipped with a first aid cupboard so you are prepared if an accident occurs.  Our first aid cabinets can keep everything neatly in one place along with instantly recognizable identification symbols.

So whatever your workplace requires to make it a safer place you can rest assured that you will find a great selection of office lockers at 3D Lockers.  For further information you can contact our Sales Team on 01924 240291




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