Staff Lockers: Vital to the hospitality industry

Despite the recession, the hospitality industry is booming.  Every week,new cafes, bars, restaurants and clubs are springing up in cities across the UK, from London to Leeds, from Birmingham to Bristol.  With any new business comes a need for new stock, from high ticket items such as electrical equipment to the smaller purchases such as napkins and till rolls.

Often, staff lockers are one of the last items on the list – if they are remembered at all.  No matter how many members of staff you employ, staff lockers are vital to enable them to store valuable items such as keys, purses, wallets and mobile phones.  They can also be handy to store changes of clothes for kitchen staff, bar staff and other employees who have specific clothing requirements for their role.  Ultimately, your staff will want to feel that both they and their possessions are safe while at work – and storage lockers will go some way to helping them to feel more secure.  Not only do staff lockers keep employees” possessions safe, but they will also make your staff areas look far more clean and tidy too.

Our metal lockers come in two different sizes, with a choice of blue, red or light grey doors available.  Depending on the sizes of locker that your workplace needs, choose from lockers with 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 compartments: every compartment can be locked with either a standard key lock or a hasp & staple lock.  Strong and sturdy, they are the perfect way to keep your employees” belongings safe, and with louvered doors, these lockers are also well ventilated.  An antibacterial powder coating reduces the spread of germs and bacteria such as MRSA and E.Coli, and whats more, these quick delivery lockers can be with you very soon after ordering.

Weather you are looking to order express delivery lockers at the last minute before opening a new venue, or are considering your options after a spate of recent thefts in staff changing areas, our staff lockers are perfect.  These lockers can be delivered within just 5 working days – and if your need is even more urgent, we can also offer next day delivery with a small additional charge.  With easy delivery into London and other major cities, its never been easier or quicker to keep your employees” belongings safe and secure in the workplace.

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