“New Year, New Me” Could Mean You Need New Gym Lockers!

January is the time when everyone decides to make a change for the better, and usually the healthier. That means gyms, leisure centres and health clubs will see an influx of new members signing up over the next month or two, as people make an effort to lead a healthier lifestyle (even if it doesn’t always last!).

Despite numbers often dropping off slightly later in the year, a large percentage of new members will remain and continue to use your facilities, and one of the most common issues that members of fitness clubs complain about, and even admit puts them off returning, is insufficient gym lockers.

The question is are you prepared for the increase?

Many health and fitness businesses find that when the influx does occur, their current facilities, for the most part their changing room lockers, struggle to handle the new demand as so many new members seek gym locker space for gym bags and sports equipment.

If you want to ensure your centre is ready for whatever the “New Year, New Me” trend throws at it, then take a look at some of the gym lockers we have available to help you maximise your capacity this January:

Wet Area Lockers

If you are a health club, leisure centre or gym with swimming, sauna and steam room, or even just showering facilities, wet area lockers provide a secure and waterproof space for members to store their personal belongings and larger items such as gym bags and sports equipment with added piece of mind. These lockers come in a variety of size options to optimise space and storage in your centre.

Space Saving Personal Belongings Lockers

These small, purpose built metal lockers are ideal for storing small personal items such as wallets, mobile phones, keys, jewellery, etc. This enables people with just a few personal effects to store them without having to take up valuable larger locker space, especially at peak times.

Large Two Tier Lockers

These double stacked tall lockers are perfect for people wanting to change and store their clothing and large bags while using your facilities, as they come fitted with a double coat hanging hook and fixed garment hanging rail in each locker as standard.

Durable Plastic Lockers

These lockers are perfect for health clubs with sauna and steam room facilities, as they are extra durable even in highly humid conditions, and are equally as secure as steel lockers, but without the worry of decay or rust.

Full Length Laminate Lockers

By far the most attractive in appearance, these tall single laminate lockers also offer ample space inside for much longer and larger items than other lockers, such as hanging coats and clothing and storing bulky sports equipment. They are also protective against dents, scratches and graffiti, an issues that can sometimes occur over time with metal and plastic finished lockers.

Don’t risk being over capacity during the busiest period of the year, talk to us about the many gym lockers and other changing room equipment options available to suit your budget, and keep your members coming back well into 2014.  Contact us today, call 01924 240291 or email sales@3dlockers.co.uk, to find out more.

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