Use Mobile Phone Lockers To Keep Valuables Safe In Gyms

There have been many arguments in recent years for the banning of mobile phones in gyms.

On the gym floor, they are a constant temptation for people to update their Facebook status or send a Tweet while they are using equipment like treadmills, and there is also the issue of answering the phone or texting while in mid workout.

For many people the issue is a simple and petty one. They find it annoying when people constantly post about their workout on social media or take ‘selfies’ while they sweat. But for managers of gym facilities the real issue with this addiction to technology use during workouts bares health and safety worries.

When people text or Tweet from the treadmill, they aren’t focusing on their footwork, and with treadmills being a notorious cause of many gym injuries and incidents, typing while you tread just doesn’t mix.

The second issue of mobiles on the gym floor is that so many people, as they flit from one machine to the other, are forgetting to pick up their mobile or often leaving behind other personal belongings like keys. These typically get handed in to a member of staff by an honest gym patron, but it is all to easy for a less than honourable person to swipe them without anyone noticing.

Even if people don’t forget to take their phone or keys with them from machine to machine, they often have to leave them on the floor next to them while they use the equipment. Take your eye off them for one second and they could easily be gone the next. It is inviting petty thieves into the mix.

Many gyms have placed bans on mobiles and other loose personal belongings in the gym unless they are secured in a pocket in the patron’s gym wear. This isn’t an unreasonable ask, in fact many have praised these fitness centres for taking these precautions. The issue then comes with mobile phone lockers and suitable space available.

Banning personal belongings from the gym floor mean that far more people now need to lock away their items in a mobile locker for safe keeping while in the gym, which means an influx in locker users. At peak times especially, this can really put a strain on the facilities available, with people taking up gym lockers intended for sports bags and other large items just to store a mobile phone and keys.

Space and cost dictates that installing more large lockers just for people to store personal effects wouldn’t be the best option for any gym, but how else can you effectively place a personal belongings ban on the gym floor without secure storage being offered?

That’s where these clever mobile phone lockers come in. The small compartment lockers are designed to be as secure as metal lockers while offering just enough space to store small loose belongings, so people without large bags won’t take up unnecessary locker space. The personal effects lockers take up little space in comparison to 2 tier or 3 tier clothes lockers, and come with varying quantities of compartments and compartment sizes.

Personal item lockers are perfect for slotting into reception areas to create a quick and convenient drop off point for those only wanting to store small items like mobiles and keys, so they don’t even need to go through the changing rooms!

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