Prepare For The Fair Weather Flood With Plastic Lockers

Spring is here which means summer isn’t far behind, and with the unseasonably early start to the sunshine we had in March, we are already seeing people donning their shorts and flip flops and venturing outside.

So what does the coming sunshine mean for outdoor activities? It means that all those fair weather walkers, runners, climbers, ramblers and campers will be gearing up to start the seasonal activities once again.

Whether you are just opening up again after closing for the winter season, or are getting ready for your next busy period as the weather picks up, there is no time like the present be considering any necessary changes and improvements needed to be made to accommodate the new influx of customers.

Plastic lockers are a great way to extend storage offered in outdoor spaces without taking up valuable indoor space. Plastic lockers are waterproof which allows them to be used outside under a canopy and are provide secure storage outdoors.

Many outdoor facilities such as camp sites, rock climbing centres, paint balling sites, swimming pools and walking/rambling visitor centres are seeing that with the fair weather customers comes the demand for expanded facilities, such as need for improved and extended parking, more toilet and bathing facilities and especially a need for more secure, outdoor storage available.

Fair weather visitors bring with them a lot of baggage and belongings that need to be kept safe while they go off on their pursuits or in the case of camping, throughout the duration of their stay. Storage options are often limited at best when it comes to outdoor based facilities due to the lack of indoor space to offer secure, dry storage.

For water based activity centres such as boating lakes, swimming pools or surfing centres, you can opt to have a watertight seal added to the lockers to ensure they are completely watertight and will keep belongings secure and dry even in wet areas.

The plastic lockers also come in a range of colours, and are corrosion, graffiti and vandalism proof, which also makes them a popular choice for use in schools, colleges, gyms and leisure centres.

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