How To Decorate Your Storage Lockers In The UK

The American craze of locker decorating s starting to emerge in the UK, so here are some tips to give your locker the X-Factor.

Teenagers love to make their storage lockers individual, and decorating is so popular over in the states that they have departments in shops dedicated to this popular pastime.  American youngsters can buy anything from locker chandeliers and wallpaper to mirrors and magnets.  Some people have been known to spend hundreds of dollars in an effort to make their locker individual, giving it different themes for Christmas and Valentine”s Day. They also decorate their lockers to raise money for charity.

However, don”t despair as there are plenty of ways to give your storage locker a bit of zing without breaking the bank.  Firstly, find out if your school, university or work place has any rules on locker decorating, there is no point putting your artistic talents into action and then having to take it all back down again.  Once you know what you are allowed to do, keep your eyes peeled in shops and on the internet to spot anything that would add some colour to your locker.  At 3D Lockers you already have a head start, not only are our lockers made of a durable metal, to ensure any belongings are kept secure, but they also come in a huge choice of exciting colours.

For the inside walls of the locker you don”t need special locker wallpaper, good quality wrapping paper is just as good and you can fasten it to the walls of your locker with some double-sided sticky tape.  Magnets are a great way to decorate storage lockers, and there are so many to choose from you can really make your locker stand out.  Putting up photos of your family or friends is a must, but don”t overfill your locker with pictures as it can make it look messy.  You can hang a mirror inside your locker, put up a white board to make notes and hang ribbons and streamers.  Maybe think of a theme, and involve your friends and then you can all have fun decorating your lockers together.

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