Bike Lockers:There’s No Excuse Not To Wear A Helmet!

Everyone knows it is ridiculous to ride a motorbike without the right protective clothing and head-wear. And yet there are still people out there who choose to get on motorcycles completely unprotected.  Bike Lockers a safe and secure place for helmets to be stored when not in use, so there shouldn’t be any excuse for not wearing them!

In an attempt to tackle the amount of traffic accidents caused by speeding and careless actions, the Government have proposed a rise in the maximum fines for committing traffic infractions. This will mean those found to be riding a motorbike without protective head gear will be fined between £500 and £2,000.

So why, with rising fines in place to prevent these incursions, do people still chose to put themselves at risk by getting on a motorcycle without a helmet? It seems ridiculous, right?

In many cases, the reason for choosing not to wear a helmet on that occasion was because the place they were travelling to would not have anywhere for them to store their helmet.

Often workplaces and leisure facilities only have basic secure storage, if any at all, and there is just nowhere for the motorcyclist to safely store their helmet for a long period such as a bike locker.

The same can be applied to bicycles. With the Tour De France fast approaching and the warm weather making us all feel a little more like going outdoors, there has been an influx of people riding their bikes places, and the same helmet storage issue remains.

When you consider the fact that this simple issue of inadequate storage is what makes people risk their health on a daily basis, its unthinkable isn’t it? Why don’t workplaces and others do something about it?

There is an array of locker options available for schools and workplaces to do their bit to help cyclists and motorbike riders have a safe place to store their helmets. From standard metal lockers and cube lockers in a variety of sizes and colours, to plastic lockers, bike lockers and waterproof lockers that are built for outdoor use.

You could place them next to the bike racks or cycle shelters for bikers’ convenience, or if you don’t have space outdoors then offer staff lockers in the break area as an alternative.

If more workplaces and schools offered secure lockers for helmet storage, there would be one less excuse for bikers and cyclists to not wear protective head gear when travelling on their bikes.

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