Create a quieter classroom environment with mobile phone lockers

Mobile phones have increasingly taken over our lives and have revolutionised the way we communicate, interact on-line and spend our leisure time. However, in the classroom, a mobile phone can be disruptive and affect the concentration and productivity of students.

The losing battle that can be won with secure mobile phone lockers.

It can be difficult to control the use of mobile phones in the classroom and teachers may often feel they are fighting a losing battle. A mobile phone can be just as disruptive when set to silent or on vibrate mode as pupils will still constantly be checking their screens for that next text message, tweet or Facebook update.

For this reason, one of the most effective means of controlling the use of mobile phones within school is to enforce a policy where all phones are securely locked away during the school day. While students could put their phones in their own personal school locker, this may not be the most secure approach.

A secure mobile phone locker offers the following benefits:

– Mobile phones are kept out of the classroom and disruption is kept to a minimum
– Mobile phones are held in a secure area
– Students have peace of mind that their mobile phones are safe and cannot be damaged or stolen whilst at school
– Parents have peace of mind that their child’s mobile phone is safe during the school day

Choose robust and highly secure lockers for your school

There is a wide range of mobile phone lockers on the market today that are perfect for storing smaller personal items and that will ensure these items are locked away securely. Mobile phone lockers can be hung on the wall or stacked side by side and are fitted with a strong cam lock as standard. You will also find mobile phone lockers in a wide range of colours which is perfect if you have a colour scheme you could like to coordinate with or you want to brighten up certain areas of your building. It is advisable that your mobile phone lockers are installed in areas that are in secure and commonly used areas to avoid tampering and theft.