Clean and dirty lockers – the new and hygienic way to organise your work clothes

Clean and dirty lockers are the perfect solution when it comes to separating your work clothes from your day clothes. Whether you operate in the engineering industry or the catering trade, it is often important or an essential compliance requirement to keep your day clothes and your uniform separate from each other. In a regular locker, this can often be a challenge.

The perfect solution for clothing separation

A clean and dirty locker on the other hand, offers a number of compartments and dividers that makes it easy to keep your work and day attire separate and in neat condition. Featuring coat hooks, dividers and a handy overhead shelf for hats and other work clothing or equipment, a clean and dirty locker is versatile, convenient and essential for many industries.

Highly secure, convenient and affordable

These work lockers also provide the same high levels of security you can expect from a regular locker and offer a safe and convenient place for staff to keep their day to day items while they are in the workplace and to store their work clothing and equipment when they clock off for the day. Available in a range of colours and locking systems, clean and dirty lockers are becoming more and more commonplace across industries such as oil rigs, bakeries, engineering plants, food packaging units and other industries where clothing separation is essential.

Ensure compliance with health and safety and hygiene legislation

Another reason clean and dirty lockers are becoming so popular across various industries is because they help a business or organisation to enforce a strict health and safety code. By providing staff with a convenient and secure place in which to store their personal belongings and work items, you make it easier for them to adhere to your health and safety policies and keep your business compliant.

Update your lockers today with clean and dirty lockers and ensure a safer and cleaner workplace for your staff. These versatile and sturdy work lockers offer ample space, excellent security and total peace of mind.  Call 3D Lockers on 01924 240291 for more help and information.