How staff lockers protect both staff and employers

Installing staff lockers is an absolute must for modern businesses with premises of any size, but in many ways they are there for the benefit of both employees and the company itself. Protecting staff valuables is only one of the reasons for getting employee lockers installed – they also prevent accusations being made about not respecting staff privacy. When all is said and done, people should usually avoid bringing valuable items to work, but there will always be situations where individuals need to store these items in the workplace.

From the point of view of staff, lockers provide the reassurance that their important items can be stowed safely away from the reach of other people. This of course doesn’t automatically mean that employers cannot ask staff to open lockers for inspection, and this term of employment can be written in to any working contract. However, managers should approach this delicate subject carefully, and there may be a requirement to have another member of staff present for any kind of search. Although various types of lockers provide this level of protection for staff, it is also vital for each employee to carry their own key at all times – the responsibility for protecting their own key may also need to be inserted into contracts. Where there will only be a limited number of lockers available, employees may need to vacate their lockers at the end of each shift, and businesses can decide upon the most appropriate system for storing, allocating and returning keys.

As far as an employer is concerned, lockers ensure that staff are ultimately responsible for their own items. If insurance provides cover for staff valuables, it is highly likely that a policy will only be valid if items are in a secure location, and staff lockers will greatly reduce the number of these incidents in any case. If an employee is inclined to accuse management of any kind of theft, this can also be eliminated with appropriate storage and protection. Having expensive items at work will never be an ideal situation, but at the very least lockers can reduce the associated concerns.

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