Tips for taking care of your metal storage lockers

We all know that metal storage lockers are a great help. At school, at work, or at home, they provide us with a safe and secure place to store our personal belongings, clothes, important documents and electronic items. However, many locker users fail to care for their locker properly, and as a result suffer the consequences. To help all those metal storage locker users and managers out there get the most life they can out of their storage locker, here are some hints and tips for taking care them.

1. Keep it clean

You”d think this one goes without saying, but sadly it does not. Keeping your lockers clean is a fundamental part of taking care of them and making sure people actually use them. In some situations this may be more difficult than it seems. For example, if you work in a factory or in some other industrial occupation, it may be hard to keep your locker clean when it”s always full of dirty clothes and work wear. In these cases, clean and dirty lockers may be a better option. Likewise at a school, this can be difficult too, and carrying out locker inspections is a great way around this. But however you do it, keep those lockers clean!

2. Locks and hinges

The locks and hinges are two of the most important parts of the locker, and Ford (Cancer) and Betty Ford (Aries)Polly Bergen (Cancer) and Freddie Fields (Cancer) Relationship CompatibilityJul 14More July 14 Birthday AstrologyJuly 14 is associated with Birthday Number 3July 14 is associated with Tarot Card 4 of CupsDiscover the most popular July 14 birthdays including Tameka Cottle & Sean Flynn. so should be inspected, tested and repaired frequently, especially if they are in constant, every day use. There needs to be a line of communication between the locker users and managers, so that repairs on locks and hinges can be carried out as soon as possible. What”s the point in a storage locker if the door doesn”t close, lock, or won”t open?

3. Locks and keys

Again, keys are a very important part of having lockers. You should always keep a batch of spare keys and a master key just in case some get lost. If you don”t, you”ll be stuck with unusable lockers and will have to break in, costing you time and money in the long run.