Starting a small business? Make sure to install office lockers

Many people who are just starting up their own small or medium sized company do not even think about the importance of office lockers in the office space. However, installing office lockers in the workplace is a great way to give your business some added security. This is a particularly important thing to do right from the beginning, when finances, staff belongings, and other small but significant assets can be vulnerable and in need of all the safeguarding they can get. There are several ways that you might use office lockers in the workplace:

1. Sensitive financial data

It is often a good idea not to leave any cash on your premises overnight (and to leave a clear sign stating that this is the case), as this has been shown to deter potential thieves. However, it can equally be much safer to leave sensitive documents regarding financial and other business data in the workplace at all times. We”ve all heard those horror stories about employees leaving briefcases on trains, and thus losing valuable and sensitive information.

The solution? Installing small metal lockers in a safe place in the workplace, and using them to store your sensitive documents. Use a strong lock and fix or just chain them to the wall for extra security.

2. Staff lockers

As well as just being very convenient places for staff to store their clothing and other belongings, staff lockers can also protect your business against insurance and related costs. In some cases, employers or companies will be financially liable if employees” belongings are stolen in the workplace. Protect yourself against this additional cost by installing office lockers for your staff on the premises.

3. Storage lockers

What business doesn”t have files, folders, uniforms, cleaning equipment, and other items that are vital to the running of the business but are not in use all the time? Keep these items safe and out of sight, and prevent them from cluttering up the workspace by securing them in office lockers when they are not in use. Make sure that only the relevant personnel have access to these lockers (e.g. cleaners for cleaning supplies).

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