Why steel lockers are not just for gyms and schools

Though you might think steel lockers are only useful in schools and private members clubs, more and more people are now installing steel lockers in far more diverse places. From nightclubs to workplaces, department stores to libraries, just about any sort of building that is open to the public can use the organisation and safety of a reliable, personalised storage unit. And when you think of the many benefits, it’s easy to see why.

Keep everything in order

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of adding storage facilities is the better organisation they offer. If you run a workplace, installing a few separate steel lockers is a great way to ensure everything is kept in its right place and is where it needs to be when a member of your team goes to look for it. As steel lockers themselves take up very little space, you both optimise your office layout and reduce downtime in one fell swoop. This is also why many home-owners decide to purchase steel lockers, as it allows them to de clutter a room by storing a large number of items safely in a slim, secure, stylish space.

Private storage that doesn”t eat up space

When it comes to storing business critical documents, personal files or other private papers, a steel locker makes a great space-effective alternative to a bulky filing cabinet or safe. Even the least organised people will know exactly where those crucial documents are as and when they need them, and you don’t need to give over a huge quantity of your space to storage. In a store, steel lockers are great for giving shoppers a place to leave their previously bought items while they browse for more.


Lockers can be bought in all sorts of designs and colours, ensuring that they not only suit the décor of your home, workplace, bar or store, but also enhance the atmosphere you are trying to create.

So, if you are looking for a more organised, secure, stylish space, contact 3D Lockers today. We have a range of steel storage lockers that can be used in many environments – not just at the club. These top of the line, ultra-secure and spacious units can complement any location you are hoping to furnish.