Hazardous storage cabinets – what you need to know

There are a range of hazardous materials which need to be stored in a safe manner. Whether these materials are acids for a school chemistry class, pesticides for agricultural use, or any number of potentially harmful substances found on an oil rig, we have an extensive range of hazardous storage cabinets to suit a wide variety of requirements. Here’s a quick run-down of what we have to offer:

Regulation compliance

As is the case for all of our products, our hazardous storage cabinets are manufactured to be of the highest quality. Aside from this, these cabinets have been purpose built to ensure that they meet COSSH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) and HSE (Health and Safety Executive) regulations and guidelines.

Colour coding

Yellow and grey cabinets are available for storage of general hazardous materials, with red indicating that the contents are flammable, and green signifying that the cabinet contains pesticides. Both the hazardous storage cabinets themselves, and the labels specific to their use, are highly visible.

First aid

We also offer a selection of first aid cabinets (without kit), which are perfect for both schools and workplaces due to the availability of a range of sizes. Models are available for wall mounting, while we also offer a selection of sizes with mobility in mind. The first aid cabinets are all highly visible due to their green labels, and are coated in white, anti-bacterial paint.

Additional safety features

Where necessary, our hazardous storage cabinets include sloped lids to discourage people from placing things on top of them. Our cabinets can also be locked to ensure that only those with authorisation can access their contents. This is particularly important at schools, though it ensures that employees are unable to mistakenly come into contact with materials and substances they do not have the training to handle in the workplace.

These cabinets do more than protecting people – if used correctly they also provide cover in litigation against the organisation, providing protection to the business as well as its employees. If any of the hazardous storage cabinets described above suit your needs, call us on 01924 240291 or order through our online store.