Great quality lockers help your customer service

In business, the key to retaining your profitability in many cases is repeat custom. People that already know about your business, so you don’t need to spend money marketing to them, that like the services you offer and come back to use you again and again.

“What is the key to this repeat custom?” we hear you ask. The answer is simple: customer satisfaction. This is particularly true in the modern service industry; for example, if you have a gym, tanning salon or golf club where customers leave their belongings with you, it is of paramount importance that you keep these items safe and provide the customer with peace of mind.

This is where our top quality lockers come in. They work for your business in two ways; first of all, they keep valuable items safely locked up, giving your customers the confidence to leave them in your care while they pay to use your services. Secondly, the solid construction and proven safety offered by our quality lockers dissuades those that would take items that are not theirs from even trying. It simply is not worth it.

Our wide range of quality locker solutions can be tailored to meet your specific application too. We have a range of coin-operated lockers, digitally operated combination lockers, and radial pin locking systems that are much harder to pick thanks to the extra complexity of their lock design.

We also have specially designed golf club lockers that would fit very easily into any golf club changing room area and keep the clubs, bags and clothing of the club’s members safe. We all know how expensive golf equipment can be, so thefts of this kind of equipment while in your care can reflect very poorly on you. Let us help you avoid that situation ever coming up.

To give your business that extra level of safety and security and to keep your customers smiling, get in touch with the 3D Lockers team by calling 01924 240 291 for an informal chat about the specific requirements of your business. Alternatively, you can drop us an email at and one of our team will get back to you.