The endless possibilities of outdoor storage lockers!

If you’ve been searching for innovative ways to extend your facility’s storage space, outdoor storage lockers can equip you with a cost-effective, long term solution. From large plastic lockers that have been finished with additional weather protection capabilities to exterior bike racks and bike storage canopies that have been constructed with resilient metal structures, these outdoor storage lockers are easy to install and can transform any open area into a practical storage space. Even if your indoor storage facilities are at full capacity, these exterior units can capitalise upon the outdoor space you currently have at your disposal. To illustrate how you can turn these unused outdoor areas into efficient storage areas, listed below are some of the benefits and features of exterior plastic storage lockers:

Leisure centres and holiday parks

Many gyms, fitness centres and holiday parks will own a wide variety of outdoor sporting equipment which their clients can utilise during warm, dry months. However, it can often be difficult to store these types of large sporting supplies during colder, wetter months. Fortunately, by utilising outdoor storage lockers you can comprehensively store all of this equipment inside a resilient, weatherproof unit that will prevent your expensive equipment from rusting and becoming damaged when not in use.


Many schools wish to promote environmentally friendly practices to their pupils, such as cycling to and from school, but lack the necessary storage facilities to safely house all of their students’ cycling equipment. The solution? Bike racks and bike storage canopies! These perforated steel structures are fitted with UV resistant polycarbonate curved roofs and can be single or double sided to facilitate a more compact storage area. Consequently, these types of exterior units enable both students and staff to store all of their essential outdoor equipment in a safe, tidy and weatherproof manner.

Oil rigs

At 3D Lockers we recognise that oil rig workers require quick and easy access to their work supplies at all times. However, we also realise that adverse weather conditions can cause extensive damage to this essential oil rig equipment if it’s not stored in a safe and secure manner. For these reasons, outdoor storage lockers can be extremely helpful because their sturdy, high-grade steel structures and welded front frames can withstand all manner of industrial environments.

Wash-down areas

If you own a company that manufactures food, beverages or pharmaceuticals, or if your business practices involve the operation of industrial or agricultural machinery, then you’ll need a sufficient wash-down area with constant access to high-pressure cleaning equipment. Despite their efficiency and usefulness, this type of cleaning equipment can be cumbersome and needs to be stored in a clean, secure environment, where it’ll be safe from theft and contaminants. As such, outdoor plastic storage lockers can equip your business with an affordable way of prolonging the lifespan of your wash-down equipment. Come rain, wind, snow or shine, the weatherproof finish of these plastic lockers, in conjunction with their waterproof door seals, will protect your expensive high pressure cleaning equipment from the elements at all times.