Why your company needs a first aid cupboard

Accidents can happen at any time in the workplace, so having an equipped first aid cupboard is a must for any business.

Employers are required by law to ensure members of staff receive immediate medical care and attention if they are injured or become ill during their time at work.

First aid kits help to save lives, as well as stopping minor injuries from becoming major ones.

What to consider

Before installing new first aid cupboards, companies need to think about their first aid needs.

Consideration of the workplace and any hazards it has should be made, as well as the workforce itself – is it at a particularly high risk of an accident occurring?

A first aid needs assessment should be carried out so businesses can find out what they need to provide in terms of first aid for their employees.

Minimum requirements

For any employer, the minimum requirements surrounding first aid kits are the same.

A stocked first aid kit is a must for any workplace, while employers also need to put a member of staff in charge of first aid arrangements. This person should be fully trained in giving first aid.

Finally, all members of staff must be given details of the workplace’s first aid arrangements. This should include the location of first aid cupboards, which should always be placed where they are easy to find and accessible to all.

First aid kit and extras

The first aid cupboard should not just contain a basic first aid kit, as there are a number of additional items that are useful to keep in the office.

Foil blankets and cutting shears may be among these, as well as cleaning wipes. As the contents of the first aid kit need to be checked and replenished on a regular basis, having extra items as backup is also recommended to make this process quick and simple.

Larger workplaces may require a designated first aid room, where treatment can be administered to an injured employee. A designated person ought to be put in charge of maintaining the first aid room, which should be kept solely for first aid if it is possible to do so.

Finally, a first aid room should have a notice on the door that provides details of the person responsible for first aid in the workplace.