Make your business lockers a style statement

Many workplaces have business lockers for their staff to secure belongings while they face the working day, but are yours the kind of grey or hearing aid beige numbers that make your staff feel like they’re back at school? If they are, then treat your locker room to a total makeover with a stylish set of colours that could even become a design feature.

Smaller offices often don’t even have a locker room, so if you need to make the most of limited space then you don’t want ugly and ancient lockers bringing down the whole look and feel of the office. You can have high-gloss lockers in a selection of vibrant colours that will give your office a fresh new look and won’t depress the staff when they walk through the door.

You can also choose from a range of sleek gloss colours including white, black, light grey, or a vibrant blue, red or yellow that will really add a touch of colour. You can have compartmentalised business lockers that will help your staff organise their clothes, laptops, keys and personal effects whilst giving them total security, as well as louvres to ensure they are properly ventilated and won’t end up smelling musty. An antibacterial coating means your cleaners will thank you and these business lockers won’t become a hive of bacterial infection, which can happen more easily than you think.

Of course you can order more lockers as and when you need them, and stack and arrange laptop lockers, separate units for mobile phones and even wire mesh items that ensure your staff leave their personal protective clothing at work on full display for casual inspection.

More than that, though, new business lockers will show your staff that you care about them and their personal effects. It’s a gesture to let them know that you care about their personal security, and that you don’t want them to feel like they’re back at school.

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