Inspire your students with bike storage and exterior lockers

Bike racks and exterior lockers could be a great addition to your school grounds from a practical perspective, but what can they really do for your students? Let us explain. Here are three ways that bike racks and exterior lockers could inspire your students!

1. Get them cycling to school

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that installing bike racks will encourage more of your students to start cycling to school – but you may not be aware of the benefits this could reap for them. Cycling to and from school will keep your students fit and healthy, and studies have shown that regular exercise can stimulate the mind, make you more attentive, and increase your learning capacity in the short term.

2. Encourage them to do more outdoor activities

Installing exterior lockers is also a great way to encourage your students to take part in more outdoor activities, like after school sports clubs and teams. As outlined above, regular exercise will help to keep your students fit and healthy, and can encourage better learning practices and make them more focused on their school work. Playing in sports teams also brings added benefits, like teaching your students about team work and individual responsibility, encouraging them to make new friends, and fostering pride in your school, which can only be good news for school morale. What’s more, with exterior lockers, there’s the added bonus that your school halls and changing rooms won’t get ruined by muddy boots and sports clothes! Exterior lockers give your students somewhere to store their muddy, wet clothes before they enter school property, helping to keep your school clean and tidy.

3. Give them responsibility

Lockers and bike racks are also a fantastic way to give your students some responsibility, which can only be a good thing. If your students are to grow and progress into successful adults, they need to be taught early on about the importance of taking responsibility for their own actions, and giving them their own lockers to look after is an excellent way to start doing this.