How colour coded chemical cabinets can make your workplace safer

If you work with flammable, chemical or otherwise hazardous materials, chemical cabinets may be the best way for you to keep these materials safe and avoid problems in the workplace. It is always best to keep chemicals and other potentially dangerous substances segregated and locked away, so that there is no concern about danger to the workplace or your employees. Chemical cabinets are secure metal lockers that allow for the transporting and storage of a wide range of substances, to allow employees to comply with safety guidelines. These cabinets come with secure two-point locking mechanisms and are pre-drilled for mounting as required. Here are some of the reasons that colour coded units may be best for hazardous materials.

They allow employees to work quickly

Chemical cabinets that are colour coded to represent what is in them allow employees to find what they need to quickly and efficiently, without having to open various cabinets to see what is in there. These cabinets come in yellow, grey for hazardous, red for flammable and green for pesticides, so that if you work with a range of substances, employees can head straight for the cabinet that is most likely to contain the substance that they are looking for.

They allow for effective control of problems

If there is a leak or problem with any of the chemical cabinets, employees and emergency staff can look at the cabinet and know immediately what the nature of the problem is most likely to be, and how best to handle it without causing further accident. In a very dangerous situation this could allow employees to deal with a hazard in time to avoid further problems or danger to themselves and others.

They are eye-catching

Employees are less likely to inadvertently open a chemical cabinet with hazardous materials in it if it is brightly colour coded and very obvious. If all of the cabinets looked the same then employees without the correct safety gear on might open the wrong cabinet looking for something, whereas these bright units allow employees to correctly identify the hazards within the unit every single time.

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