Why you should install small phone lockers in the workplace

You may already have large storage lockers in your workplace for employees to securely store their coats, bags, lunch boxes and gym gear, but have you thought about installing small phone lockers? Small phone lockers are perfect for storing away mobile phones as they are compact, don’t take up much space and provide a secure place for employees to store their phone while at work. What’s more, 3D Lockers’ selection of colourful small phone lockers will brighten up your office with a splash of colour. There is a huge range of colours to choose from, including bright blue, traffic red, mellow yellow and minimalist white. If that’s not enough to convince you, here are four more reasons you should consider installing small phone lockers in the workplace.

1) Improves workplace productivity

If mobile phones are locked away in a secure phone locker – instead of trouser pockets or handbags – staff will be able to focus completely on their work, rather than replying to personal messages, checking their social media channels or receiving calls. This means performance will be greatly improved.

2) Puts employees’ minds at ease

Showing that you care for your employees’ personal possessions does a lot for office morale. Instead of worrying that they have misplaced their mobile phone, employees can happily rest assured knowing that it is safely locked away in a small phone locker, giving them peace of mind that their valuables are safe. This enables them to concentrate fully on their work tasks.

3) Encourages exercise

Taking regular breaks to walk around the office is good for employees’ physical health. When employees want to check their phone on their lunch break, instead of just sitting at their desk, they will have to walk to the lockers. It not only encourages mobility and movement, but it also improves performance as taking regular breaks has been proven to enhance productivity.

4) Keeps possessions safe, secure and undamaged

Small items like phones, keys and wallets often get lost in handbags and jacket pockets. Having them safely secured inside a clean, small locker means they won’t get lost, broken or scratched whilst their owners are at work.