How to integrate lockers in your workplace without compromising on style

Lockers in your workplace are the perfect storage solution. They allow employees, visitors and also customers to store their personal belongings. Because they offer a high level of security, they also enable the staff to concentrate on their roles. Employees or customers will have no concerns over the security of their possessions.

However, despite practical and psychological benefits, having lockers in your workplace may suffer from one major drawback. They wouldn’t suit your workplace’s style. Appearance and style are very important in the modern workplace and in addition, lockers can be used to project brand identity. You may be hesitant to install lockers in your workplace, especially if you believe they are ill-suited for your office environment.

Luckily, you can dismiss those concerns today! Here at 3D Lockers, we understand how important appearances can be. We offer lockers in a wide range of styles as well as colours to suit any workplace. Here are some hints and tips on how to integrate lockers in your workplace.

1. Choose a colour that reflects your corporate identity

Our lockers range from utilitarian in appearance to sleek and modern. We even offer bright colour, contemporary lockers. We suggest choosing a colour that is used in your brand’s logo. This will enable your lockers to project your corporate identity. What’s more, by choosing a brand colour, you can give your lockers an aesthetic flourish and they’ll complement your business’s colour-scheme.

2. Select a discreet locker room

Think carefully about where to position lockers in your workplace. We recommend that you house them in a dedicated locker room. This way they won’t interfere with the aesthetics of your main workplace. Remember to make the locker room easy to find.

3. Don’t be afraid to brand your lockers

Why not stencil or print your brand logo onto your lockers? Or even a slogan? Brand your lockers to ensure they are reinforcing your business’s identity.

Furthermore, our storage options are ideal for schools, gyms, call centres and office environments. They’re also equally ideal for your business, so invest today.