Brand New Tab Box: Tablet & iPad Lockers

A brand-new range of tablet & iPad lockers are now live on our website. Tab Box lockers are designed to store any tablet, iPad, netbook or media device. With their modern appearance, which includes a white frame and either white, red or blue doors, a Tab Box locker will not look out of place in any office, reception, school or library.

Tab Box lockers are available with three compartment options: 8, 10 or 15 shelves. You can have individual doors or a single door with the shelves behind. Each door comes with a fitted keylock, hasp & staple lock or combination lock (at extra cost).

Tablet & iPad lockers come as storage only lockers or with charging facilities. You can have either a 3-pin plug or a plug with USB connection. Each compartment will be fitted with a plug/USB and the locker can be plugged into a mains socket using a kettle lead at the rear.

With so many schools and businesses using tablets and media devices daily, the Tab Box locker offers a secure place to store and charge. Tablets & iPads can be fully powered and ready to use.