Keep your first aid supplies in a specialist cabinet

A whole manner of injuries can happen in the workplace. The nature of the accidents can vary – from paper cuts to fainting unexpectedly. No doubt you will already have medical supplies just in case. Rather than tucking these away with your other supplies, why not keep them in a specialist cabinet? Here are some benefits you can enjoy when you invest in a specialist cupboard.

They are highly visible

Specialist cabinets are marked with the green first aid signage to signify that there are medical supplies inside. This will come in handy when people need to act quickly. Staff will be able to identify the green cross and find the supplies without delay.

They’re exclusively for medical supplies

You aren’t safe just because everyone knows where the first aid supplies are kept. If they don’t have their own special place, it’s possible they could get buried in paperwork and stationery. This could seriously limit someone’s ability to act when there’s an emergency that requires immediate attention.

It’s handy for keeping records

Specialist cabinets for first aid mean that there’s a clear record of what goes in and what goes out. This will reduce the chance that supplies, such as bandages or plasters, run low. Most offices will have a system where anyone who uses a certain supply has to make a note of it. This requirement should be easier to adhere to if the medical items have their own place.

Don’t tempt fate

Whether you’re the owner of a business or the office manager, don’t tempt fate by stocking medical supplies in any old cupboard. Instead, store them in specialist first aid cabinets. After all, there’s nothing more important than the health and safety of the workforce. Contact us today to find out how we can help.