Secure Cycle Lockers That Save Space

For the UK, 2012 has undoubtedly been the year of the bike. It was all kicked off by Bradley Wiggins’ historic win in the Tour de France. Just ten days later, “Wiggo” – unarguably the star of the summer – won gold in the Olympic Time Trial event. This was followed by a sensational medal haul by the British Cycling team in the Velodrome, and further successes for Team GB’s cyclists in the Paralympic Games that followed.

The press have been busy celebrating the UK’s status as a ‘cycling nation’ ever since. Enthusiasm for the sport was on display during the Tour of Britain cycling event that took place in September, with massive crowds lining the routes of every stage.

A Two-Wheeled Legacy

The effect that all this has had on bicycle buying trends in the UK market has been profound. Online retailer have reported that their sales of bikes to women have increased by a massive 73%, for instance. Sarah Lomax, head of seasonal buying for the company, is quick to cite female cycling stars such as Victoria Pendleton and Laura Trott as being, in part at least, responsible for the boom.

Overall bicycle sales in the UK have been reported to have risen exponentially throughout the summer, and the rise of the cycling commuter has been evident for even longer. The reasons behind this are run deeper than just sporting success, though.

Rising costs for car owners, congestion on the roads and public transport prices continuing to increase make cycling is an ever more attractive proposition. The green credentials are also a matter of influence. Riding a bike has become the fastest, most affordable and most environmentally friendly way for people to get around many of the UK’s cities.

Safe Storage Solutions

Whether at the workplace or at home, making sure a bike is locked up safely is a primary concern for all cyclists. But with city offices and apartment blocks offering limited space, secure bike shelters might not be a credible option for employers or landlords looking to ease concerns of bike owners.  cycle lockers that store the cycle vertically are a more viable option in terms of security and impact on space, and here at 3D Lockers, we have the best product available. Constructed from heavy galvanised steel, these cycle lockers offer complete piece of mind. They contain space to store clothes and a helmet, meaning all related clutter can be stored securely in one place.

For users of these cycle lockers, the appeal is obvious. Less risk of theft means their asset is protected, with fewer risks of consequential costs associated with replacing a bike, rising insurance premiums, and arranging alternative travel.

For employers, having these facilities can create a positive and welcoming environment. For landlords or building management organisations, it broadens the appeal of a property by offering high-quality facilities and discouraging crime.

The rise of the bike in the UK has been widely celebrated; if it is to continue, providing cyclists with practical support is essential, and these lockers are one component in continuing to build confidence in the culture.

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