Help Students Take Care Of Technology With Laptop Storage

Educational institutions have to keep abreast of the latest technological advances that occur in the wider world. Fail to do so, and the education that they provide loses all relevance to the paths that students are to follow when they move on.

Universities exist to create an environment for young people to nurture their intellectual capacity. However the value of doing this is thrown into question because of the financial costs that those who wish to continue their education must face. As a result, universities must be flexible to the needs and the expectations of their students.

In the past, campus facilities might have been geared towards providing students with the means to conduct their work on computers, i.e. equipping libraries and computer rooms to give students access to computers that allow them to carry out their work.

A recent survey carried out by insurers Endsleigh in conjunction with the National Union of Students found that 84% of students head off to university with either a laptop or tablet computer. This is a fact that universities cannot fail to ignore: tethering individuals to a workstation is an increasingly antiquated concept, not just in education but in the working world in general.

It means that universities must moreover provide the means for students to adopt the flexibility that will be required of them as they progress in life. Part of this is providing the technology, as well as the security, that is essential in the modern day.

Reacting to Changing Habits   This year, The University of Portsmouth announced that they would be increasing their stock of laptop storage lockers equipped with sockets allowing a battery to charge while it is stored. This free facility means that students can make use of it when they are not using their laptop – during seminars and lectures, group discussions, or rest periods, for example, when they do not need a computer to work – in order to make sure that it is charged for when they will require access to it.

Here at 3D Lockers, we provide laptop storage that have charging facilities. Their fully welded and reinforced frames and compartments mean that a laptop can be left to be charged safely while an individual is doing things elsewhere.

It means that there’s no need to carry around a heavy piece of equipment that might not see any use, making it a practical use of time and space. When a student returns there’s no need for them to find a spot close to a power socket, as their device will already be charged allowing them to work from the off.

Lockers for schools and offices are beginning to incorporate these technological features, and higher education institutions must do their part in bridging the gap. They provide the means for today’s students to learn independently, using equipment that they are used to in a manner that is in keeping with modern working environments. Paramount is delivering these means along with assured security by investing in laptop storage, so that students can go about their studies unhindered.

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