School Lockers….With A Difference!

Lockers for schools come in all shapes and sizes, but all serve the same purpose: to keep either school property or that of the students safe and in one place. Historically, storage needs were more simple, with school lockers being used to keep hold of gym kits, books, bags, blazers and other standard school items. While all looking the same on the outside, lockers when we were at school were a very different story when opened up, revealing posters, stickers and other forms of temporary decoration that reflected each student”s personality.

The list of items that students take with them to school have changed hugely over the years. The gym kits, books and bags are still very much present, but now lockers are even more important, in terms of keeping electronic equipment such as laptops, mobile phones and mp3 players safe. While many schools have banned the latter two items in case of loss or theft, laptops and tablets are being used more and more often.

As a result, a number of schools and other establishments have started to adopt lockers that do more than just store their contents. There are now metal lockers out there that are designed with an inbuilt charger to not only provide security, but to charge electronic devices too. Both standard lockers and specific laptop lockers and laptop trolleys are available, and can either be static or mobile. Mobile metal lockers make sense for schools where laptops need to be moved from location to location for different classes – adding convenience to the security and charging functionality of the storage system.

Locking away laptops and other electronics is the best way to reduce theft in schools – and can be used to store students” own laptops as well as school property. Each compartment is locked separately, meaning that theft can be reduced, making life far more simple!

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