How Coloured Door Lockers Can Impact Creativity and Behaviour

We are big believers in the science of colours, and we reflect that in our coloured lockers. Our coloured lockers range includes colour door lockers in a variety of vibrant and subtle colours. So if you want to add some creative, energy boosting or calming and harmonising colours to your school or workplace, take a look at our coloured lockers now on our website.

It has been proven by many varying scientific studies over the years that specific colours and even shades can have a direct impact on our emotions, creativity, productivity and behaviour.

The theories on how colour makes us feel and act have long since been incorporated into projects by designers and architects who strive to create a mood that compliments the use of the space they are designing.

It has even be shown by many studies that certain colour combinations or colours in large quantities can have a negative effect on behaviour and emotions, resulting in headaches and even feelings of nausea!

Here are some of the most popular colours and how they can affect the mood of a work or school environment:

  • RED is said to bring more energy to the room, and create an excited buzz. Beware though as too much red could have an adverse effect on behaviour in schools.
  • YELLOW is synonymous with happy, upbeat feelings. Like red, it can bring more energy to the room as well as getting people‚Äôs creative juices flowing. Great in small bursts around the office/school environment to encourage positivity and creativity.
  • BLUE tends to have a calming, relaxing effect. Think blue sky and blue sea, you instantly feel happier and at ease. This relaxation effect is especially true if the shade of blue is a light to medium one that is similar to sky or sea blue.
  • GREEN is believed to be good for bringing teams together in harmony, and creating a peaceful mood, green is the colour of nature and is one of the best for creativity. Many of the studies showing increased creativity and productivity link to people being able to see a view of a meadow or other green landscape, be it through a window or artificial (pictures, wallpaper, etc.)
  • PURPLE in light to medium hues is thought to be good for relaxation and creating a peaceful environment, and has also been known to spark creativity.
  • ORANGE is thought to be the most exciting colour. It boosts enthusiasm and energy, and is also a very vibrant happy colour, similar to yellow. Ancient societies even believed it had secret healing powers and gave energy boosts!
  • NEUTRAL colours such as white, gray, brown and black have all been argued as good for creativity due to their lack of distractions for the mind.

Whether we realise it or not, colours have a much bigger impact on our minds than we give it credit for. There is much more to choosing a colour scheme for a work or school environment than simply choosing what is trendy or even just opting to make everything neutral.

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