Sports Lockers For Tennis Lovers!

Tennis’s most prestigious grand slam event is well underway and after the disappointment of the World Cup, the country has tennis fever!  Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world and is regarded as a Great British Institution.  With the world’s most famous tennis players still in the mix such as Andy Murray, Roger Federer and Djokovic, thousands of tennis fans descend on Wimbledon to catch a glimpse of the action and fill up on the traditional snack of strawberries and cream.

With this in mind, and the warmer summer weather upon us, tennis is a great way to get outdoors and start up a new hobby.  One of the great things about tennis is that it can be played at an age and doesn’t matter on your skill level!  Maybe you have been stuck in the office all day and don’t fancy sweating it out in the gym to get your exercise.  Tennis is great for the body and mind as well as keeping fit.  Weather you play tennis competitively or just for fun, you can benefit from a whole body workout as you are constantly on the move.

Lots of schools take up tennis in the summer during sports or PE lessons.  Not only can it be a fun sport to play but tennis also requires the brain to be creative, think tactically and co-ordinate different parts of the body.  Exercises that require a lot of brain power can improve learning and behaviour which mean children will be more productive in the classroom!

With all these fantastic health benefits there’s no better time to start playing?  Maybe you are a sports club owner or a school bursar and need to revamp your changing room and improve your facilities for the influx of new tennis members?  This is where 3D Lockers can help!  We can offer a range of sports lockers for storing tennis equipment, sports bags and personal items when not in use.  Storage lockers are a great way to keep cloakrooms neat and tidy.  Metal lockers are very popular with schools but if you require something more stylish our laminate lockers, wooden lockers and timber effect lockers offer a durable storage locker that is also pleasing on the eye.

Not only can we help with sports lockers, we also have a great range of cloakroom benches and island seats.  Finish off your locker room and add a little extra space for storage with a slatted bench or bench seating.

If you have any requirements for sports lockers, cloakroom equipment or need advice on what locker is right for you then call our experienced sales team on 01924 240291 who are more than happy to help!  Or visit .