How to clean out your school lockers

Has your school¬†locker‘s previous recipient left you a messy¬†locker this term? Has your shampoo or moisturiser leaked? Or maybe you’ve been a little disorganised lately – sometimes it’s easy to let things pile up. 3D Lockers offer durable, reliable school lockers that are built to last, but even our lockers need a little maintenance from time to time. Whatever the reason, this blog will give you a step-by-step guide on how to clean out your school, college or staff locker.

1. You need an empty locker

This means you must remove absolutely everything in there, including those stray pens and pencils you haven’t seen in months. Remove any ancient or grubby stickers from the walls, and place all your rubbish in a separate plastic bag so you can later dispose of it properly.

2. Baking soda

Try adding a bit of baking soda to a paper towel and leaving it in the middle of your locker floor. If you have time, let it sit there for a while (for a couple of hours), as this should absorb any lingering odours. Your locker should smell fresher as a result.

3. Anti-bacterial wipes

If possible, giving your locker a good going over with some multi-surface anti-bacterial wipes on the inside walls, floor and door. If this isn’t possible, try using a cloth and anti-bacterial spray such as Dettol. Give your locker time to dry out afterwards, and if possible, leave the door open to air it out.

4. Organise

Depending on what you store in your locker, you may have a lot to organise. Try sorting everything you have left into three piles: bin, take home, and store. (You can do this during lunch or on your break)

5. Restore

Put everything you need back in your locker. You can use various methods to keep it more organised, such as rubber bands to hold your books for various classes together, or magnetic holders which attach to the inside of your locker in order to give more space.

6. Maintain

Take a couple of minutes every month or so to organise your locker, and throw out any rubbish you don’t need. This will avoid things getting too out of control and keep your items organised for when you need them.

Good quality school lockers can last many years with just a little maintenance, and 3D Lockers offer the most cost effective storage solutions with free design layout and installation services.