4 reasons why college lockers & university lockers should be provided

Whether you’re a student or a teacher, if you have a full day ahead of you with many different classes, workshops and seminars in various parts of the building or campus, the logistics can be a nightmare. You need this folder for the class at 2, but then your laptop for the presentation at 4 and then you fancy a game of squash afterwards, but how on earth are you going to carry all that?

At 3D Lockers we have a huge selection of university lockers, staff lockers, college lockers and laptop lockers in a range of colours and sizes to help organise your day.

Aside from the common sense practicalities, we decided to look at the four main reasons why all colleges and universities should consider providing storage lockers for their students, teaching staff and visitors.

  • Number one – Promote a crime free campus

Students, teachers and visitors alike all want to spend their day working in a place where they can be safe in the knowledge that their belongings are all safe. College lockers and university lockers promote a crime free campus where people can place their belongings until they need them. This prevents them being lost and removes them from any potential criminal’s temptation to avoid the worst-case scenario.

  • Number two – Encourage a healthy campus

If students and teachers have heavy loads they have to trail in and out of campus every day, then the likelihood is that they will drive or use the bus. Sports lockers and college lockers would encourage people to cycle instead. Or, even if they are not an avid cyclist, having somewhere to keep their items could encourage them to take part in running or other sports and well being activities after or in between classes.

  • Number three – Give your teaching staff a helping hand

To make sure that their students get the most from classes, workshops and seminars, teaching staff often use lots of examples and props to illustrate the lesson. Give your teachers a helping hand with maximising students potential by giving them somewhere where they can store these items, rather than cart them about with them.

  • Number four –Provide for those with a disability or mobility problem

If it’s difficult getting about with all the items you need for a day at college or university for an abled bodied person, it’s even more difficult for someone with a disability. At 3dlockers we have a range of different university lockers available, including low lockers suitable for wheelchair users.