Are Gym Lockers A ‘Safe’ Place For Personal Items?

When you go to the gym, you often have personal belongings on you, such as car or house keys, mobile phones, MP3 players and iPods just to name the basics. And rather than risk carrying small items such as keys and phones around on the gym floor where they could get lost or stolen, many people opt to use a secure gym locker.

But are these gym lockers really so secure? Over the past few years there has been a influx in the number of thefts reported at gyms and leisure centres, and not just on the gym floor. Gym lockers have been targeted, now leaving people wondering where is actually safe for belongings at the gym.

And it isn”t just mobiles and keys that often get left in gym lockers during gym visits, with more and more people choosing to go to the gym on route to or from work or other destinations. The amount of valuables left in the lockers by those gym users increases tenfold, with jewellery, wallets, purses full of cash and credit cards left in what they consider to be a ‘safe’ place.

With cameras not allowed in changing facilities and many lockers having below standard or old locks on them, it isn”t surprising that thieves are getting bolder when it comes to targeting sports lockers. So what can be done to combat this growing security issue?

Improving Gym Locker Security                                                                                                              

There is a need for gyms and leisure centres to act if this crime wave of gym locker thefts is to be stopped. One of the main ways in which gyms can improve security is by ensuring their gym lockers have high standard locks and provide a certain level of security.  For example, digital combination and multi user combination locks are often a better choice than standard locks to increase security.

Depending on the age and style of the locker and its lock, it may be possible to simply replace the lock itself, upgrading it to a more secure option. If the lock cannot be replaced, it is advisable to upgrade the lockers themselves to more secure options. Opting for high quality brands such as ASSA and Lowe & Fletcher are a worthwhile investment as they offer more reliable and secure lock options.

Many gyms have the option for members to bring their own padlocks to secure their lockers, which can create a security issue all on its own, as it means the gym themselves are not in control of lock quality on their lockers. It is advisable in this situation for gyms to either replace locks for their lockers with a different locking option or provide secure, quality checked padlocks as standard to members of the facility.

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