Start the new year with a safe and secure office lockers

The new year is a great time to review your business and make any necessary changes. Usually, this refers to business relationships, like those with your suppliers, but it can also relate to how you motivate your staff, how you set up your office, and how you keep your workplace safe and secure – all three of which can be done by installing secure office lockers. So, here’s two reasons why the new year is the perfect time to install secure office lockers in your workplace.

1. Motivate your employees in the new year

It can be hard for you to motivate your employees in the new year. After they come back from a long festive break, it can be difficult for your employees to get themselves back into the swing of things, so you need to do everything you can to encourage them – and this is where office lockers come in. By installing secure office lockers, you’re showing your employees that you care about their welfare, which will make them care more about the business and encourage them to work harder. It also gives your employees somewhere to store their mobile phone, which removes phones from the workplace and makes your employees more productive in their work at a time when they may otherwise not be.

2. Start the new year safe and secure

Theft is a major issue in the modern workplace. Lots of companies suffer every year as theft becomes commonplace in their offices and call centres. So, why not start 2016 with a clean slate and eradicate mobile phone theft entirely? Mobile phones and tablet devices are now ubiquitous, but this also means they are prime objects for petty theft. As we stated in the last point, secure office lockers remove mobile phones and tablets from the workplace, and as well as improving productivity, this also reduces the possibility of theft. Again, this will also make your employees feel safer and thus more motivated to work hard for your brand, improving their productivity in the new year.