Storage Lockers

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Storage Lockers to Suit all Requirements

Lockers are vital additions to all kinds of work, education and leisure environments. Indeed, there can be very few offices, schools or sports centres in the UK that do not benefit directly from having locker units on their premises

A Stunning Locker Range

3D Locker Solutions is the premier supplier of lockers and cupboards to public and private sector organisations as well as individual customers nationwide.

The Unique Benefits of Plastic Lockers

If you are in charge of an establishment which needs to make provision for the storage of employees’ or guests’ valuables then you will most likely have to look into the prospect of getting locker units installed. If you take a little time to research the subject however, you will soon find that plastic lockers are now widely considered to be the best all-round locker solution of choice these days.

Make the Most of Your Space with the Right Metal Lockers

Lockers are an essential component of a whole range of businesses. They can provide valuable storage as well as security, being a place for people to leave their valuables when not in use, but there are always going to be some considerations when choosing the storage lockers that are right for your particular business. One of the most important things to think about is the space you can devote to such storage solutions, and if you choose your products wisely you’ll easily be able to make the most of the space you’ve got.

Multifunctional Metal Lockers

All kinds of environments call for secure storage solutions, with different environments calling for companies such as ours to provide a variety of sizes. In some environments, such as retail workplaces, a small cubbyhole may be all that is required for valuables such as mobile phones, purses, and wallets: items which are essential for emergencies, for travel and lunch money, but which are not allowed on shop floors. In other scenarios, such as in sports centres, swimming baths, or spas, larger, single-tier lockers may be more desirable, allowing users more space for items such as clothing and towels, presenting a less chaotic changing area

Terrific timber effect lockers

As well as metal lockers and plastic lockers, is proud to present to our valued customers a superb selection of terrific timber effect lockers. These lockers are constructed from solid steel, so they have the durability of other metal lockers, but they also look very attractive and stylish with their timber effect doors

Storage – Green Credentials

Whilst the pressure to optimise businesses, workplaces and schools so that they are environmentally friendly can be daunting, many of the ways in which such places can made ‘green’ are actually relatively simple, and by making some basic changes it is possible to transform underutilised spaces so that their efficiency is greatly increased.

Eliminate Clutter with Storage Lockers

The longer a person lives in a house, the more clutter they accumulate, and this isn’t only true of homes. Businesses and offices can accrue years’ and years’ worth of paperwork, with less and less space to store it. While lockers are normally used to keep personal belongings safe and secure, storage lockers are also ideal for eliminating clutter in the home or workplace.