School Lockers

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Sourcing the Perfect School Storage Lockers

Space might always have been tight in your school, but given the difficult economic conditions affecting local governments, you might be under even more pressure to squeeze optimum usage out of every square inch of your premises.

How School Lockers can Help to Bring Order from Chaos

If you are a head teacher then you will know better than anyone just how busy a school environment can be. Certainly, that moment when the bell rings for break or lunch time can unleash a furore of activity which is every bit as intense as a Tokyo morning rush hour.

How to Choose Primary School Lockers

School lockers are an essential part of all educational environments, providing valuable storage space for pupils to leave their coats, bags and books when not in use. But, with so many options to choose from, just how can you find the right version for you?

Education Lockers – Back to School

As many parents will tell you, it’s a fairly common complaint among schoolchildren these days that their backs are aching. It’s not really surprising when you see the number of school books they need to carry each day, particularly pupils at secondary schools that are studying several subjects. Add to that some gym gear and maybe cookery equipment, and it adds up to quite a burden.

Cool Specialist School Lockers

With schoolchildren carrying all manner of equipment into schools nowadays, such as laptops, mobile phones and MP3 players, it is more important than ever for schools to provide safe and secure lockers for students to protect their personal possessions, school books and stationery. We can provide school lockers which are secure and stylish, but will not break your budget

Lockers in the Modern Context

Modern technology has revolutionised the spaces in which we work, learn and play. Arguably, the best example of this is in schools, where technology, from laptops to Wi-Fi, has been incorporated to make the learning environment much more effective. Unfortunately, alongside the many benefits that modern advances have given us, there have also been challenges. One of the most pertinent is in regards to security, as because new technology is often highly expensive, in contexts such as schools especially, the importance of effective security systems is increased